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The 37th edition of Transcivetta Karpos 2017, a high-altitude sporting event, which must be done in pairs, consists of 2 versions: - COMPETITIVE - NON COMPETITIVE 1) THE ENROLLMENT can be done online on the website: by filling in the form and sending it by email or by fax to the number +39 0437 72 14 56 together with the receipt of the credit transfer: a) To enroll in the “COMPETITIVE” race send a copy of your sport medical certificate (D.M. 18.02.1982) valid through July 16th 2017 by email or fax before picking up your Competitor's package. It is possible on special occasions to give your sport medical certificate to the personnel at the race bib delivery only by contacting the race office in advance. If the sport medical certificate won’t be provided, the pair will be moved in the non competitive section. b) The pair can otherwise enroll in the “ NON COMPETITIVE” section. In this case, with the same enrollment conditions, all the race services will still be granted with the exception of the presence in the competitive version final results. There will still be a document with the time of the non competitive runners and the Certificate of Participation. If you choose for this version of the race please specify it on the special box in the form. Each pair of runners if free to choose their own pace based on their conditions. By enrolling, the pair declares their physical fitness to the organizers of the event and discharges the organization from all the civil and criminal liabilities due to all sort of accidents. 2) Entry fee up to March 31st 2017 is €. 70,00 per pair with the possibility of choosing the size of the t-shirt. After that date, from April 1st 2017, the fee will be €. 80,00 per pair. After the enrollment you must make a credit transfer using the following purpose of payment: ISCRIZIONE TRANSCIVETTA KARPOS 2017 NAME AND SURNAME OF THE 1st MEMBER OF THE PAIR Bank Details: A.S.D. TRANSCIVETTA IBAN : IT 81 A 08140 61000 000007056285 BIC: CCRTIT2T38A Cassa Rurale Val di Fassa e Agordino With Credit Card in this site  3) You can check your enrollment on the website ‘’ in the page ISCRIZIONI where you can also see your race number. 4) The enrollment procedure will close on July 3nd at 18:00 or, after reaching 1000 pairs of competitors. It is not possible to change the members of the pair after July 14th 2017 at 18:00. Note: Once the enrollment is closed it is up to the organizers to accept new enrollments 5) Competitor’s Package and race bib delivery: From Wednesday, July 12th 2017 to Saturday, July 15th 2017, Competitor’s Package and race bib delivery at the D. Rudatis Elementary School located in Via delle Scuole in Alleghe. More information can be found calling +39 348 36 11 244 - +39 349 77 00 157 On Sunday July 16th 2017 in Agordo hours 06:00/08:00, the delivery of the Competitor’s Package and race bib will take place at the “ZUM BRILLENBAR RESTAURANT ," Località Valcozzena 328 Agordo (Belluno) where the Luxottica parking is, and where the bus leaves for Listolade. 6) The START is in Località Listolade at 09:00 for the “COMPETITIVE” version, 15 minutes later, at 09:15 for the “NON COMPETITIVE” VERSION. Themaximumtimeis6.30hoursfromstart.ThegatheringatthestartisattheicerinkinListolade(AgritrurismoValCorpassa)from 08:00. There will be a race bib stamping at Rifugio Tissi. 7) Checkpoints: along the route there will be checkpoints that must be crossed with a maximum of 30 seconds in time between the two competitors of the same pair however the pair will be disqualified if this criteria is not followed. 8) Refreshments: along the route at the Rifugio Capanna Trieste, Vazzoler, Tissi, Coldai and at the arrival there will be refreshments available. 9) Route: For the biggest part of the route it follows the Alta Via delle Dolomiti no.1, as it is shown with the colour red on the map, passing close to the Torre Trieste, the Rifugio Vazzoler, Torre Venezia. The route goes across the Val Civetta, under the magnificent North-West wall of Mount Civetta, climbing up to the scenic Rifugio Tissi. The Rifugio Coldai will be passed before arriving at Piani di Pezzè di Alleghe. 10) The time gate at Rifugio Tissi closes at 13.00 / The time gate at Rifugio Coldai closes at 14.30 (after those times the assistance to the runners is not granted). 11) Timing and placings: TDS Timing Data Service - The placings of the competitors will only be published for the competitive version while for the non competitive version there will be an alphabetical list of the runners with their race times. The certificate of participation will be available to all the runners on this website: 12) The event is open to men and women. If a competitor is under the age of 18 (minimum age 12) the parents or guardian will have to sign a releasing form which allows their son or daughter to take part in this event. This form will have to be sent by email or fax once signed up. 13) If one of the participants is younger than 15 years old, the participation to the event of the younger of pair can only be allowed if the other member of the pair is older than 18. 14) When enrolling, the participants discharge the organization from all the civil and criminal liabilities to any person or belonging, for any accidental damages that may occur before during or after the event. The organizer declares to have drawn up an insurance policy for the civil liability and for the risks deriving from the event itself. The organizer does not insure the participants of Transcivetta Karpos 2017. 15) Each member of the pair has the right to: 4 refreshment points along the route, a final refreshment and ‘Pasta Party’ at arrival, a technical gadget, a cable-car transfer to Alleghe city centre, a bus transfer from the parking to the start line in Listolade and from Alleghe to the parking, Medical Assistance, WC Toilettes, Personal belongings/clothes transport from start to arrival. 16) It is compulsory to wear your race bib on the front of the body, and at all times it must be kept visible to aid the stamping process by making it easier. It is compulsory to return the chip at arrival. 17) The bags containing your clothes (remember to attach the label with your bib number to the bag) must be delivered to the personnel at the start in Località Listolade (signs will be placed before the start line). The bags can be collected from the pairs at the arrival. The organization does not take any responsibility on money or valuable belongings left in the clothing bags. 18) The participant allows the free and unconditional right to use the images taken during the event that may include himself. 19) Any complain, accompanied by a tax of €. 50,00, must be presented within 30 minutes after the race, in a written form as described in the R.T.F. If the complaint is accepted, the tax will be given back. 20) By enrolling and paying the entry fee, all the participants accept with no limitations to these rules. The participants declare they are in possession of the sport medical certificate ordered by the laws in force (D.M. 18.02.1982). They discharge the organization from any responsibility even from incidents and damages to a third party. By enrolling the participants allow the treatment of their personal information by a third party for the purpose of data processing in compliance with the law on privacy. 21) Prize-giving and Prizes: At the end of the maximum race time, a prize-giving will take place following the organization’s procedures and a prize draw.  List of - - - - - - - prizes dedicated to the COMPETITIVE version: First 10 pairs belonging to the MALE – FEMALE – MIXED lists Trophy Eliana De Zordo, given to the 1st male pair arrived at Rifugio Coldai, remembering Eliana who tragically disappeared in an excursion in Patagonia. Trophy Fiorenza De Toni, given to the 1st female pair arrived at Rifugio Tissi remembering Fiorenza, a great walker and sportswoman. Trophy Sandro Tome, given to the 38th pair arrived at Rifugio Tissi, remembering Sandro, a great assistant who tragically disappeared. Trophy Lorenzini Dott Stefano, given to the youngest participant, remembering a great friend and sportsman. Trophy Bracco to the first three female pairs. Trophy Bracco Giovani & Sport, given to the first boy and girl young runner. More information about trophies and prizes and the official reasons behind those, will be published at the arrival on the day of the event. Traduzione a cura di Filippo e Fergus
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